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Reassembling 300TDI cam followers

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This thread is the refitting of the tappet guides (known as cam followers), on a 300TDi engine. The same method and parts are in the series 2.25/2.5 engines, the 2.5 T/D, and 200TDi engines. The only difference being that series tappet guide retaing bolts are lock-wired. I was going to do one huge thread on the total restoration of a 300TDi engine, but not many people would do it, so seperate sections on the build would seem a better idea.

The engine 'starring :P ' in these threads is a 300TDi that has already been cleaned, rebored, cleaned again, painted, and ready to be assembled.

The slide assemblies have been cleaned in petrol, kept in order of their original fitment (recommended if you are refitting old parts)

The only tools needed for this operation is a tub of clean engine oil (in this case 15/40 engine oil). You can also use camshaft pre-lube (available from motor factors), or a thicker oil, such as Wynns engine oil treatment, which is a very thick, sticky oil, and a 13mm (or 1/2-inch) socket or spanner.

The block is on the bench - resting on a couple of bits of timber to keep the engine from resting on the crank, and the tappet guide holes have been pre-lubricated with oil.

Ready to start - cam follower assemblies in order, clean, and ready to fit.


The guide retaining bolts - cleaned and threads checked.


Guides first. There's a hole at the top of each one that the retaining bolt goes in, so make sure the hole in the guide is in line with the corresponding hole in the top of the block.


Turn the camshaft so that the top of the lobe is pointing upwards on the slide you are fitting. The reason for this is if you drop the roller, it's less likely to fall all the way though to the sump or stick behing the camshaft.


Dip the slide in oil and then carefully lower it into the bolck - making sure the hole lines up with the hole in the block, then put a bolt in - just enough to stop the slide from dropping, but not too far as to prevent the rest of the cam follower from being fitted.





Camshaft roller next. Dip it in oil and then drop it the slide.


Finally the slide - this has an 'F' mark on it, which has to be fitted so that the 'F' is facing towards the front of the engine.



Check that the assembly is correctly located and the roller is resting on the cam lobe, then tighten the guide bolt (fit lockwire on a series once all the cam follwers are fitted)




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