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Disco 2 with service lights on


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I have a 2001 disco II that was running fine until the "service engine" light came on. A few seconds later, the abs light came on as well as the steep decline light. I shut the car off and let it sit. When i fired it back up about an hour later, all the lights are still on. Has anyone seen this? Anyone know what it means? Is the care safe to drive? The car is about 140 miles from a dealership.

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ABS/ETC lights usually indicate some sort of ABS sensor failure but not sure about the check engine light

Try disconnecting the battery for a couple of hours and see what happens. If that fails and the lights are still all on, you'll need to go to the dealership. It is probably safe to drive but my advice would be common sense i.e. make sure all the essentials are working (brakes etc) before going too far!

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