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changing PAS box


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the PAS box on the classic has been weeping fluid quite badly for a while now- i would guess it will be an MOT failure next time round. On top of that my girlf was driving the other day when the steering locked up and stalled the car- what's that all about? it's been ok ever since.

anyway how difficult is it to change a PAS box- one days work or more? should i just let a garage get on with it?

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It's fairly easy, just a pain.

First, find someone else's drive to drip all the hydraulic oil over.

Whip the OSF wheel off and bung an axle stand under it, with steering over to the right to give access to the drop arm.

Disconnect drop arm with puller / seperator / big hammer.

Undo all hyd lines and spill oil over your friend's drive. Place plastic bags over the ends and tie them up high so you don't lose all the oil and keep them super clean.

Undo all the U/Js in the steering colum and shift them all back so it undoes from the box.

Undo all 6 bolts (2 on the panhard rod, 4 through the chassis) and lift it out if you're strong / drop it out if you're not.

IMHO it's not worth bothering with seal kits etc - just get a new genuine box from Adwest.

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I would echo the "pain" bit - getting out of a 3.9 engine bay with aircon compressor etc in the way is a real mare - you have to drop it out inboard of the chassis rail.

The only bit that's worse than that is trying to thread the new one back the same way. :angry:

They're bluddy heavy too so prepare yourself for a bit of anglo saxon during the process :o

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Have to echo what Bish said - awkward to get to, and fairly heavy (well, if you're built like Bish it is... ;) )

Easiest and best fix is to replace the 'box - seal kits are a pain and never seem to last as the box is usually worn anyway.

If you fancy having a go yourself give me a shout.... but if you've not got the inclination to spend a day under the RaRo then pass it to a garage, but go with one you know/trust :rolleyes:



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Done this recently on a 90. A few tips:-

Get a box with new drop arm and ball joint. Costs around £15-20 more but well worth it to not have to remove and refurbish the old ones.

Before you start see if you can bench press the new box one handed, because that is what you'll be doing flat on your back in the garage. They are very heavy!

After giving up fitting it one evening a little thought and preparation got it refitted in 20mins the next day! Which was quicker than removing it. Expect to have some real D'oh moments.

For refitting shove something long and thin (like a 5mm shaft screwdriver) through one of the holes through the chassis. Heave and swear threading the box back in then hang it on the screwdriver while you try and get one of the bolts in. You will need to connect the steering column back to the box BEFORE refitting all the bolts.

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can i just add that you'd be better off reconnecting the pipes onto the top of the box before you do the bolts up tight, a little movement in the box makes getting the threads started a lot easier.

theres a company in Greenwich, London called power steering services that will replace your 'box in 2 hours for little more than adwest charge for a recon.

they've been around forever and are suppliers to the motor trade so all work is gauranteed.

they'd be my choice next time.

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couple of hours with the correct puller. ( which i have got)

This is from experience.....

Wait until you are in a competition, then your mates PAS box goes...

You spot a old scrap range rove in the distance....

With the help of some basic tools, a good mate and the desire to really win....

You can remove, remove and replace in 2.5 hours!

But, lose the day = bugger.


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On top of that my girlf was driving the other day when the steering locked up and stalled the car- what's that all about? it's been ok ever since.

Are you sure it was not something else like the alternator bearing seizing? this might stop the engine if only idling or low revs, and if the belt wasn't turning it would also kill the power assistance to the steering. You'll find out soon enough if it was - it'll stop completely! 6203 bearing when it does... one of the most common faults with any of the bits driven off the serpentine belt.

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