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Roll Cage Options

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right then, i think that from the advice i recied from the old board, it would be best to go for a full external cage around the hard top

i'm planing on welding the mounts onto the chassis soon and was wondering what you guys recomend as a minimum bolt size / rating/ quantity to use on each of the mounts

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Mine was based loosely on the Safety Devices Camel Spec one internally (but bigger tubing) and externally incorporates full length protection to the roof.






Fixings are generally from the ARC spec as are tube spec (ARC.) The compromise I wasn't happy about is the join between the internal and external at the 'B' hoop, I would have prefered 4 bolts but theres just not space. The way to improve this would be to have extra braces from the A to B externall as the Camel ones do and have the internal/external link higher up the roof on the flat section. For low speed rolls I am sure mine will be fine though.

Will :)

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Yes Safety Devices is up and running again under a new company name, so I assume that they wound the old one up owing suppliers etc.

Now operating out of an office in Newmarket with production now in Poland. Can't see how lower labour/manufacturing costs are going to work though. Always seemed to me that it was poor marketing and Mgmt that let it down not the products or skilled workforce.



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