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After a brake master cylinder with 2 outlets

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Right, my disco (1991 tdi) has a master cylinder with 4 outlets with each front caliper having 2 separate feeds. I am changing the axles to ones with a simple-front rear split and only one pipe to each caliper and was wondering if any disco/rrc 90 master cylinders would fit my servo but would have only 2 outlets. I am sure LR made such a thing. If they did perhaps someone has a Part Number (or a spare good one I could purchase).



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90/110's have a front rear split with 1 line for the front [left & right] splits at 3 way junction by right brake flexy connection & 1 line to the rear brakes

master cylinder for a 90 is LR part NRC9529

------------------------ 110 ---------- NRC8690

or you could join the ports with a T piece to make a 1 line to each end of the vehicle

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my 110 has a 2 port brake master cylinder, the 2 pipes go down to the PDWA valve on the front of the bulkhead then out to brakes.

1st photo from drivers side looking into engine

2nd photo looking from engine to vehicles right side



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Mark - you could T your 4 pipes into 3, one to each front caliper one to rear.

If you fit a 90 M/C you will need the 90 servo as well as the mounting holes are different both M/C to servo and servo to bulkhead.

I run a disco servo and 4 outlet M/C and T them from 4 to 2 for the truck cab, (of the 2 one front and one rear) the front one is then split back to 2 (1 for each caliper) not the best but i was only trialing the setup so didn't want to replace the existing front pipe setup so i could revert back.

Disco Servo give you more oomph as well - hence why i kept it.

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110 or 90 M/c wont go straight on the disco servo (different angles for the bolt holes i believe) ie you end up with one canted.

i have had no issues and appreciated the extra assistance from the disco servo over the std defender one. - is a 110 servo bigger (dia or thicker (or either)) than a 90 one?

edited: to add - Sorry Ralph posts crossed!

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Gents, whilst we are on the subject of servos - is the later thin 90/110 servo a straight swap for the earlier fatter 90/110 servo and do you chaps know if an early 90/110 two port master cylinder will fit on the later servo which normally has a 3 port cylinder bolted to it ?


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the later 'thin' servo master cylinder mounting studs might be further apart than the 'thick' servo's studs. also a shorter MC might have a bigger bore & less piston movement than the older MC

brake pedal assembly looks to be common across the 90/110 range.

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