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Replacement Bulkhead

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I am treating "Mean Green" to a bit of a spruce up, at the moment the engine is out to let me replace the clutch. Since the clutch is out I have been able to have a poke around the bulkhead and it showing signs of rust - not too bad at the moment, but feels spongy in place. So I am thinking, since the engine is already out now would be a good time to replace the bulkhead.

So, simple question - where is the best place to buy a new bulkhead?

While I am on the subject, i will probably change the doors too - any suggestions on suppliers of these? (other than the usual Cr(P)addocks suspects)

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If you are changing the doors - why not go for split ones? With the anti-burst locks they are just as (in)secure as the push-buttons, you get a lot more room inside and with the door tops off the visibility off road is superb. It's also a lot cheaper if you look at the prices rot-free push button doors go for - even allowing for a pair of alloy door tops be it the slash cut ones or the truly lovely Rocky Mountain ones.

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If you are changing the doors - why not go for split ones?

That exactly what I've done on my defender. Picked up two series 3 door bottoms for £5 each and some snazzy ally door tops (military types with two moving windows) for £120 (complete & spotless). As Millsy said, lots more room inside, cheap and easy to replace if bent/broken/rotten and they look better IMO.

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