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Tdi Clutch Hydraulics

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With the upcoming swap of the 300Tdi into my Ex-Mod 110, I have been trying to visualize the procedure to make sure I have everything.

I was just thinking about the clutch hydraulics. I am wondering if I need different pipes and/or flex hose? With the R380 going in as well, everything will be moved forward a bit and I don't know if my current lines will work or not? Any thoughts?

If I need to order bits I will need to do it soon.



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Get the engine/gearbox fitted first then sort the clutch hydralics lines to suit, clutch flexy hose for a 300Tdi vehicle is LR part NTC9055 & for a 2.5n/a engined vehicle is or was NRC7139 upto chassis number LA939975 now superseded by the NTC9055 version :D

rigid pipes are the same on all 4 cylinder 90/110

NRC9595 from flexy hose to slave cylinder

NRC8330 from master cylinder to flexy hose upto chassis number LA939975

STG101150 from master cylinder to flexy hose from chassis number XA158807 300Tdi.

that should help get it connected.

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Thanks for the part numbers. The problem is I can't just pop out and pick up the bits I need. Everything pretty much needs to be ordered on your side of the pond and delivered to my side, so I am trying to have everything I will need on hand for the big day. If all goes to plan, and it's a big if, we'll have the Tdi swapped in over a weekend. Sort of drive in, drive out service. Hey, we did the chassis on my 88 in two days, in and out again, so how hard can this be... :lol:


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