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Bit OT: tonneau covers


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Not strictly LR related as it is for my Ranger crewcab :unsure:

Does anybody know of a nice cheap supplier for basic vinyl tonneau covers? I have Googled a whole load of companies and the cheapest I can find is about £100 here which seems quite a lot for a sheet of black plastic, some knicker elastic and a bit of stitching, though the prices on some of the other sites are daydreaming, it would be a cold day in hell before I would pay the best part of £1000 for something to keep rain out of the pickup bed :blink:

Has anybody come across a supplier significantly cheaper? I would have thought about £50 was more like a fair price for the cheapest vinyl sort.

Ta :)

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Could you not make one?

Get some vinyl from a seconds materials outlet and a set of brass eyelets and punch kit.

Cut the vinyl to size, punch in the eyelets in the right places, fold the edge over so the eyelets are on the underside and then run it through a sewing machine.

The cover should be the size of the pick up bed + enough to drop around the edge + some more to fold under to hem it. The eyelets will be on the hem folded over and the elastic, or draw cord can be fed through before sewing to make it easier.

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thought you were after some covers not tv shows. (sorry pointless part of post)

Not that i know any suppliers, have you tried talking to the nice chaps that inhabit the island for 4 month periods. (RAF), one thought i would have for you if you are involved in any way with the base down there, you could try survival equipment guys down there and see what they could fabricate for you. not sure what they would charge, some beers and choccy biscuits perhaps

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If I can find something decent for mine I will probably be looking to order a few for work so it is more than just a one-off. Sorry should have said that to start with I suppose :)

Still speak to the above mentioned guys as they are always looking for enterprising ways, especially if it means a bit of beer pennies down that way

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got a tonneau made for my 90. Went to a curtain sided trailer place to enquire.Went in and 40mins later drove off with said cover fitted and having to pay a whole 20 English pounds!!! Hopefully the details are below

Adams Tarpaulins

Ford Road



Tel:01984 623315

Fax: 01984 623602

EDITED to add that I'm bloody amazed that worked being the IT mong I am

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