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300tdi bulkhead loom

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Hi all, specifically 300tdi defender owners

I'm prepping a galvanised 300tdi bulkhead to go onto my 200tdi rebuild, and just now at the stage where i'm trying to identify all of the connectors on the bulkhead loom. I've got the wiring colours diagram but i'm not quite sure on a couple of the connections so below is a pic of the ones that have got me stumped so far. apologies for poor quality, its on a phone cam. The location as you can just make out is above the driver footwell, all the connections having originated from the central fusebox.


my suspicion is that these are the multiplugs that run to the chassis loom and provide the rear lights, fuel tank wiring, diff lock warning etc... but please confirm

many thanks in advance

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ok, in a semi reply to my own topic.

having now identified most of the other multiplugs by a process of elimination these plugs must be the rear chassis loom connection points but i also think that the yellow-fronted multiplug that you can see in the picture is for the ECU (not a typo, 300's had alarm and immobiliser a well as EGR ECU circuitry). So obviously with the loom being connected into a 200tdi defender without such electronic gadgetry, will the loom function without the ECU being in place? I.e is it entirely supplementary to the workings of the usual body electrics or will nothing work at all without it in place?


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IIRC from when i fitted a 300tdi the engine had the bit to match that yellow plug, i just cut the lot off, isint it for the EDC?

ahh now that makes sense, it's the engine loom connector? 3 parts to a loom: engine, bulkhead and chassis harnesses. I'M keen to use the 300tdi set up as i think the connectors are a much better solution to bullet connectors, plus some ot the wiring on the loom is 2.5 NA vintage. Anyone got the part numbers for a 300tdi engine loom and chassis loom? or got them spare that they want rid of?

thanks JST

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