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Hey Steve, how do you travel around? Are there civilian flights to and from Port Stanley? If, for example, I wanted to get to the Falklands, how would I get there? Are there ships from Cape Town?

I suppose I could always (re)join the RAF and get there for free :P

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3 flights a fortnight from RAF Brize Norton on the Airbridge - 18 hours stopping for a splash & dash at Ascension Island for 90 min or so. Arriving here Mon-Fri-Wed-Mon-Fri-Wed in that pattern, or whenever the RAF and/or the contractor feel like it (which is far more common) the last one was 3 days late!!!


Civilian flight operated by LanChile from Santiago-Puerto Montt-Punta Arenas-Mount Pleasant and back again every Saturday. Easy connections to lots of places from Santiago; from UK you would fly to Madrid, change, fly to Santiago, overnight there and leave at sparrows fart on a Saturday morning arriving here mid afternoon. Return flight gets back to Santiago about 11pm, overnight and on to wherever else the next day.

Lan route is much cheaper unless you qualify for a "duty" fare i.e. live here - the RAF tourist rate is somewhat extortionate!

Nothing much in and out of Stanley in the way of international flights except the British Antarctic Survey planes which shuttle back and forth to Rothera with passengers and freight during the summer when BAS are counting icebergs falling off the end of the Antarctic. The runway in here isn't big enough for anything else - but the Dash 7 is a big four engined beast which can still land in something the size of a car park, it's impressive to watch something that size land in the same space as a small Cessna :)

There's not really any passenger ship service as such, though you could join the RMS St Helena which goes back and forth from Cape Town, Walvis Bay, somewhere or other else in Namibia, St Helena and Ascension, then get on the 747 there and fly down. Or you could stow away on a fishing boat in Walvis Bay and get here like that - should be cheap :)

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