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Slightly OT - Anyone own a Fiat?


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My girlfriend's brothers punto has just failed the MOT on a few trivial bits - zorst, wiper blades etc.. and one thing that I don't agree with.

Fail sheet says:

(when ignition off) all position lamps not in good working order (not working) [1.1.4a]

Basically, the sidelights don't come on with the ignition off. But I don't think they're supposed to on a Fiat. I know they don't on my girlfriend's car (a fiat bravo) as she's forever winging at me for leaving the lights swicthed on, but it's not a cause for concern as they're not on with the ignition off.

Anybody else got a Fiat of late 90's vintage that behaves in this way, or otherwise? Any MOT testers out there with an opinion?

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Not sure about the MOT side of things, but there are certain lighting regulations which prohibit vehicles being parked during the hours of darkness without front and rear lights being lit. If you don't want your car nicked, then the lights have to be able function without the ignition key in. My dad had a Fiat Uno in the 90's as a lease car, and I'm sure the sidelights worked without the key.

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My darling girlfriend is similarly cursed with the second-worst car of all time (after a manual Mercedes Vaneo, with its foot-operated handbrake AND a clutch pedal, I digress)

The Fiat will produce weak illumination at all four corners with the key out, so long as you press the small rectangular button on the key barrel and turn the key back an extra 'click' before you remove it. I'm pretty sure this is a legal requirement unless you promise not to park on unlit roads with a speed limit in excess of 30mph, where it is obligatory to display warning lamps.

However, telling him this will mean another Fiat on Britain's roads, which is certainly a bad thing.

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I know the answer to this.

There is a button on the ignition lock, press it in and turn the key in the opposite direction to normal. The sidelights will come on and the key can be withdrawn.

I had a Punto with this "problem" and a kind gent on this forum put me straight.

In my haste I didn't read Turbocharger's post!

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I'll have a go on my Bravo in a bit and let you know if it works or not. Mine's exactly the same and only a month old - came from the factory like that.

Edit - just been out, it's a bit different but does the same thing - turn ignition one click, turn on lights, turn off ignition and remove key. side lights stay on. If the engine's running or ignition has gone to position 2 then lights go off.

Oh and turbocharger - here's another one yah boo to you :P:lol::P

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