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Daily Driver Challenge, Sat 7 Jun, Wellington


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As you all seemed to enjoy the last event so much we have decided to run with the format for the rest of this year and the next event will be on 7 Jun 08, again at Wellington.

If you missed the last one there are some details here:

DDC 29 Mar 08

The rules and regs from last time remain the same ie:

There will NOT be a class system but there will be some vehicle restrictions.

These are primarily:

1. Your Vehicle must have current road tax, Insurance and an MOT.

2. Maximum Tyre size of 33" tall (255/85R16 equivalent).

3. No Simex Style tread patterns, eg FEDIMAs, INSA TURBOs etc.

4. All vehicles must have suitable front and rear recovery points.

A standard fitted towbar is adequate for a rear recovery point. Front recovery points should be a minimum of JATE rings on each chassis leg if a dedicated suitable winch point has not been fitted. Lashing eyes are NOT acceptable. All tow hitches, whether front or rear mounted, should be bolted to the vehicle (not welded) and must be fitted with spreader plates.)

5. Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes (KERR) are NOT permitted.

In addition you must comply with my standard rules and regs detailed here

The day is designed to be fun and with luck we will have better weather than last time around! I know it was a little wet by lunch time!

The cost is £45 per vehicle, you must pre-register to enter and you can do that by following the links here;

DDC Entry form or emailing me for details.

Those registered will receive directions, timings and scrutineering instructions via email approx 1 week before the event.

Please note that i am away from early May until 22 May so you will not get a reply until after the 22 May if you register within that period.

Entries to date:

1. Jos Greenhow

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Guest weeble
There is a high probability I won't have a co-driver for this one, will that be an issue? I mean I managed to hit a tree WITH a co-driver last time.... :unsure:

Just turn up. Im sure there will be a willing body around who will co pilot for you. :rolleyes:

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3.5- Co-drivers are a rather useful accompanyment to off roading- at the very least you can blame them when it all goes wrong!! I am sure there must be someone out there who will ride shotgun for you for the day- someone who would otherwise just come and watch... why not get involved??!!

I am going to be missing this one due to being at Eastnor for the LRW show- shame because I really enjoyed marshalling the last one!

If anyone is thinking about having a bash at challenge events or indeed just wants some excellent off roading for a day then this is the event for you to have a go at... Just be careful that you don't get hooked on it and end up coming back for more!

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I would offer Sam, but I am helping Darren's winchman out (it's his 16 year old son!) as well as Marhsalling, keeping an eye on India and picking up the peices of Ian's vehicle/winch when he breaks it

How about asking Charles 'The Bish' Bishop he has little on his plate at the moment apart from a few minor vehicle issues and in his time could get anything stuck anywhere, anytime and with maximum effect

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Ahhh I see the beardy one is touting my services..... Hmmm, I think his doddery old brain is confusing his ability to get people stuck with his own! Remember Les at Burnworthy.... :unsure::unsure::lol:

Unfortunately, the "little on my plate" that beardy refers to is actualy a 90 with the wrong engine and gearboxes in, wrong axles under it, cage to make and a rear cross member to replace.... did I mention that SWMBO is also waiting for it to be back on the road... :blink:

This means unfortunately that my biatching services will not be available - if I had the time to be there I would actually be entering to give the 90 a shake down!

If you get me those plate dimensions I should be able to make them up over the weekend though ;)

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I currently have 4 people registered for this event,

Sam Woodbury

Jeroen Van Der Hoft

Ian Gildersleeve

Darren Church

I know there are some dates clashes and a fair few cant make it due to this (Eastnor Show etc). The current intention is to allow the entry to remain open until the 1 Jun and if there are still insufficient entries to cover the costs then the event will be canceled.

I have sent an email to those registered above with options to roll fwd the entry to the next event, do a DRD on the 7th instead or have a full refund.

It would be a shame to cancel the event as i think there are certainly people out there who would enjoy the day.

So if your thinking about entering then let me know please in the next week.

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If it still goes ahead then I'm still free to marshall. Has Dave not paid up yet? I only spoke to him this weekend and he still seemed keen.

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I am hoping its just bad planning on my part and a date clash, but due to low numbers on the take up for this event, this event is now cancelled.

Those that have already entered should of had an email from me regarding your refund.

The next DDC is planned at Wellington for the 4 October 08.

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