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Driving Day - Wellington 31 May 08


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We had the last Bampton Drive Round Day (DRDs) on Sunday with J33P and now its time to give the tracks a rest and move back to the Wellington site. DRDs will start with the first one on 31 May 08. There are currently 6 places available. The day is an escorted convoy drive across private land on purpose made tracks and typically starts at 1030hrs with a 1530/1600hrs finish. All the sections are optional with bypass routes as required depending on your ability/experience/preference.

Quite a few from here have completed the days in the past and enjoyed their time out with us, you can read about the days from the event writeup here by choosing any of the Wellington Site reports.

Your vehicles must be road legal and comply with my vehicle requirements.

There are previous posts and pictures here.

The days are £35 per vehicle and you must pre register which can be done by emailing or PMing me for an entry form .

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I'd like to attend if possible. I am on the hunt for MTs as we speak and I should have them by then, but if I can't get them fitted to my rims in time or for any other reason I can't get my act together, would I be allowed to use the Special Tracks? If not, and I don't have the new tyres, can I marhsall or something?

When do you want payment by?

As a total offtopic but not worth a new post, where is a good place to get tyres fitted/balanced? I paid Land Rover for it last time and it wasn't cheap.

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James just for planning purposes... I may still not have a functioning winch by then (problem a little more expensive than first thought!)... Not sure if that makes a difference to routes etc?



I think James is away at the moment for a couple of weeks.

As for the route, when I led a group on the last DRD there were bypasses to all the obstacles. Plus there is always somone to pull you in either direction. I shouldn't worry to much about it.

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rest assured you wont need winches unless you take all the options and then get it wrong!

as Mark says i am off this pm though so probably wont reply for a while from then!

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OK so i guess this rain is putting some people off!!! I now have 2 spare places with a possible 3rd spare depending if the truck can be fixed in time

Anymore interested for a day out next Saturday?

Currently confirmed are:


Stu SK Designs

Sam Woodbury

With Shrek hoping to get the head fixed by then so definitely 2 places possibly 3 spare.

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The weather for Thursday-Sunday is meant to be good according to the MET office site...

Sam,, you been looking at the right week :P Boy did it rain up their last night,, The Highways even closed our road as a drain burst under it, and wash the

lot away !!!

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i think its going to be wet!!!!!

best put some wellies in!

We have:




Kevin Williams



Will see you all 1015hrs

Glad to hear your coming along Simon, expect you have left by now though!!!

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The magic of a self healing turbo... No idea why but it now works again!!

A week of replacing the head gasket whilst working nights at the same time- and finally finishing the truck at 11pm the night before was all made worthwhile with what was a top day out! The sun shone all day as well!

Big thanks to James- and to all those who attended and made the day what it was.

Recommended for off roaders new and experienced alike!

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