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I need a hug


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Going to pick up my little one from nursery tonight, lucky I took my wifes primera. Going over a roundabout over a dual carriageway, roundabout is two lane. I'm am in the outer most lane going straight on. Look right enter and I'm almost at my exit when something, some sense told me to look left. I did and see a car barreling in on me, occupying the same road anyway deft stomp of brakes, gotta love antilock brakes and steer to right we fail to connect anyway just off the roundabout there is a lay by. I stop and he follows me in. I'm just about to get out and stomp him. But I find a frail old **** who keeps apologizing. so I didn't

anyway I am now sitting here shaking over it and will have to go and change me keks :(

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