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need a simple exhaust making up that will only haev a downpipe a small muffler and a side pointing exit in front of the rear wheels.

Are there any recommendations in the southwest, preferably taunton- Exteter way. I tried Phoenix exhausts in Cullompton but they didn't want to do a one off!

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There's Longlife in South Glous, or a place in Weston (I can't recall the name at the moment) but they tend to do main custom chav bean cans, I guess that's down to the market in Weston.


It was www.infinity-exhausts.co.uk that I was thinking about in Weston, although it now appears they are in Yate, similar customer base :ph34r:

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Try longlife, I had a stainless system made by them, no complaints.

Marybrook Street,



GL13 9AA

Tel: 01453 811300

Fax: 01453 811312

19-21 Alvington Street,




Tel: 01752 266566


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I had a full system built for me by Patrick at Bickleighs 4x4. I know they have moved workshops but the last number I had for them was 01935 891723 or 07930 423167. Their workshop is just south of Yeovil.

I had a full system, maifolds to side exit behind the rear wheel with only a centre box. Think it cost me about £700 four years ago but its going strong and still sounds great. Patrick aslo did a cat back system for my mates P38 with twin rear pipes on both sides for around £400. Patrick races comp sfari sohe understands off roaders.

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