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do i need wheel spacers?


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just fitted my new wheels and tyres and im very happy with them :D ,

they are 35/12.50/16 creepy crawlers on 8x16 mods, my dilema is when on full lock they rub the radius arms like i thought they would, so do i just adjust the lock stops and put up with it or do i fit spacers?

i dont mind putting spacers on but i dont really want the tyres sticking out any further than they do and will fiting spacers cause problems catching on the arches ?

look forward to your comments


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if you get wheel spacers then your going to have to fit extended arches, i would adjust the stop locks and see how you get on from there and pick your parking spaces wisely!!

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Looks like they will catch the arches with spacers, as well as needing bigger arches.

I put 265/70's on my Disco, and had to adjust the lock stops a lot. You soon get used to the oil tanker turning, after being really peeved with it for a week.


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