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Whilst walking through central Bucharest tonight I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this.

Just had to take a couple of pics just to share this horror of horrors!

Maybe i'm just old fashioned or is it the next big thing? PMSL :lol:

post-35-1207843163_thumb.jpg post-35-1207843232_thumb.jpg

Sorry about the quality but had to take them quickly before anyone saw me and thought i was admiring it


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was the owner a bulging armpit black leather jacket wearing sort with an unfeasibly pretty girl on his arm?

I Didnt hang around long enough!!

Pics dont really do it justice.

The color is actually pearlesent cream and candy red. I'm going to find out where it was "SORTED" and see if i can get my double cab done in the same

Whats the largest size SPINNERS you can get under the arches on a defender with a 2 inch lift??


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The reg plate holder points to the dealer he bought it from. Although nothing so eye catching, it's interesting to see what they have on stock: http://www.exclusiveautomobile.ro/brands.php

I guess he wanted "WTF" for the reg plate suffix but it wasn't available no more ...

Were these all nicked in the UK or Germany ? :)


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I would be almost impossible to register them in RO. The local DVLA has live access to all relevant databases in the world and the guys there are very good in detecting fake VINs and such.

Actually, the easiest country in EU to reg a nicked car is UK. No wonder you people (or some of you) have the stress of someone might steel your vehicle ...

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