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Steering column bearings


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Just got around to looking at the steering on my 90, it's had a "knock" for a while, you can feel it over rough ground and also with the engine off if you rock the wheel from side to side.

I assumed it was the UJs but the bottom bearing in the column is completely shot, about 1/8" movement in the bearing and so the shaft clonks backwards and forwards under load :angry:

Anybody ever seen this fail before? I'm sure I haven't - even on our old farm vehicles with manual (i.e. non power) steering where far more load goes through the column - I'd never expect something like that to go, especially not on an 18 month old vehicle.

Apparently you have to replace the entire column too, as the bearings aren't available. At the moment I don't really care - warranty pays! - but I hope this isn't going to need doing again in another couple of years when I'm out of warranty as I bet the column costs a bluddy fortune....?

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If it happens again further down the line, out of warranty, I'm sure a resorceful chap like yourself could wittle a new bearing out of a sheeps femur or something? :)

Nah, I'd just nick one its easier :lol:

Its frigging annoying me now I know what it is :angry: as is the indicator trip which has started "cracking" loudly on turning left (even without indicating) took it off and it seems to be sticking (though it is fine when you turn it with your fingers), put it all back on after moving it a bit and it lasted all of 1/2 hour now it is doing it again :angry:

I suppose I am far too fussy about noises, that's my trouble :rolleyes: but you don't get irritations like this on Toyotas... :huh:

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I have known these bearing go on safari racers, but on more 'normal' use vehicles I have only seen problems with this bearing when the vehicle has been used for a period with a stiff upper uj which puts more strain on the bearing. I'd check yours thoroughly.

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