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Engine Wash

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Brake & clutch parts cleaner is very good but you REALLY don't want to do it on a hot engine, near anything that may cause it to catch fire, etc.

Buy a 5 litre can of it and a small garden sprayer, it's great for cleaning just about anything and because it has to be safe for brakes it doesn't damage plastics or rubber seals and doesn't leave any residue.

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Petrol is no good as a cleaner, it is too flamable and it evaporates too quickly leaving terrible staining.

Use Jizer, Gunk or any of the other correct fluids for the job. They do a decent job of cleaning, can be re-used (place a drip-tray underneath) and when you have done they rinse away with water. Last time I bought Jizer I bought a 25L container as it worked out the same price as just two 5L cans, I have had it for a few years now and it still works perfectly well.

Diesel does a reasonable job but leaves an oily residue and does not wash away however I have used it in the past to clear REALLY mucky areas and then used Jizer to finish off.

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Jizer---can you give an equivalent?(I dont know what is this)

A quick Google of Jizer, Gunk, engine degreaser etc might help. Armed with your new knowledge take yourself off into any decent motor factors (not your High Street furry dice and chrome tailpipe auto accessories place but a proper factors like Partco or Brown Bros etc which are often located on industrial estates or back-streets) and you should find a choice of suitable products.

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I dont smoke!

Cilit Bang can do the job?


it reacts with petrol and gives off higly toxic/flammable fumes, some old guy did it a while ago and his boiler sparked and blew nearly half his house away!

so i mixed some up and tried it, wasn't a lie!

i don't have any info on what else to use, just not that!

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