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DVD PC Software wanted


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Guest diesel_jim

If you want a really simple DVD burner, use DVDSanta (yeah, with a little santa clause), it doesn't do title selection etc, but converts .avi etc straight into DVD quickly.

(ps... it does allow 5 minute "skip forwards" and is great for making photo montages too)

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What do you plan to do? Burn DVD image files? Burn files/info/music/mp3's to the DVD's ?

For burning ISO/images files to DVD, you can't go wrong with DVD Decrypter, excellent little program and it's FREE.

Discjuggler is a professional burning program, it's the cat's meow for burning anything/everything to CD's and DVD's.

Nero 7 is buggy, so I would suggest if you go the Nero route, stick with Nero 6.x.x.x. , much more reliable program.


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1. Make DVDs ffrom Camcorder stuff etc downloaded to PC, have puinnacle for this, which is good, but it doesn't copy to CD DVD it just "makes" Video (avi) so DVD Santa has been tried and is simple and quick.

2. Use the DVD for backing up files, and for this I have nothing at all at the mo !, as the CD came without any softwate, but it was cheap !

3. Music and sorts, poss not much, may copy some stuff to a DVD but its the 2 above that are key.....


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For Backing-up your DVD collection, the best and free software is DVD Shrink 3.2.

Nero 6 is less buggy than 7 as said, and Nero is the Gold Standard for all your needs.

For home movies, Cyber Link Power Director is excellent, as I gather is Pinnacle Studio 8. Mind you if your'e running SP2 then I hear that Microsoft's own Movie Maker 2.0 is also very good (and free!!)


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MS Movie Maker is OK but will not do other formats than WMV or MS AVI (there are umpteen flavours) if you want to do a CD/VCD

Agree Nero is the best all round, MP3 encoding is extra though, also agree 6 does everything more stable than 7 but just not as unified front end as 7, some of the terms can be a bit confusing. You might be able to find somone selling "old" stock at a very reasonable price.

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