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air con compressor

R Bates

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I was unsure where to post so please move if necessary!

Ive just completed an on board air system on my 90,

I'm using an air con compressor, set up the same as the systems in the tech section but i've got a problem!

the compressor gets realy hot quite quickly, after about 20 seconds of running its to hot to touch

and will not fill the tank to any more than 50psi!

I only bought the pump last week and was told it was good!

I'm using 15mm internal bore pipe work, is this to restrictive?

Is the pump shot?

Any other ideas?

How hot should the pump get when running?

i've read the other threads where the preasure switch is set to cut the compressor out at 120psi but i cant even get to half of that figure!!

so what do you fellas think before i go to the trouble of finding another pump and modifying the head again?


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15mm ID will be fine, am using 1/2" pipe with no probs

Is the engaging clutch slipping?

Inlet/filter too restrictive?

Too much grease?

Try disconnecting the outlet / inlet to the pump for a short time see if it helps.

Maybe a poppet valve inside is stuck?

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