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New Turbo Priming?


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If it were me, I'd fill up the lines with oil before connecting the turbo-end unions (clearly, fit the engine unions first, otherwise it'll all drip out :rolleyes: )

Fit the bottom turbo union first, then fill the turbo through the top union hole, then fit that union.

Then, I'd turn then engine over forr 10 seconds without letting it fire (undo the fuel stop soleniod wire) before starting it properly.

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fit it to the engine, connect the return line & fill from the feed line connection, then rotate the turbo by hand to allow some oil to get around the shaft, then reconnect the feed line & start the engine & check for any leakage.

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Guest diesel_jim

When i did some REME stuff, for the bedford MJ you had to remove the top pipe and pour 1/2 a pint of oil in to prime the turbo.

wouldn't hurt to do a similar thing with the Tdi. i've done it before with several squirts from an oil can.

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You should prime any new turbo or one that's been sat off an engine for a while. Disconnect the fuel stop solenoid and turn the engine over for 5 - 10 secs until the oil pressure warning light has gone out. Then start the engine.

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I thought I'd add to this thread based on instructions I got with my recon 300TDi turbo. Simplified, they read as follows. 

1. Don't connect the oil pipes

2. Engine oil change and fill the new filter before fitting

3. Manually add oil to the turbo oil feed port and spin the blades by hand to coat the bearings, top up more if possible

4.Remove connection to stop solenoid and crank engine for 10s, catching oil from the top of the feed pipe. Let starter cool off if necessary

5. Crank again for 10s and continue until plenty oil flows, then connect feed pipe to port on turbo with banjo and copper washers

6. Now crank again and catch oil from oil drain. I was told that the flow is about 300ml per minute so there should be a reasonable quantity in 10s 

7. Re-connect oil drain. Don't do what I did and disconnect the bottom end, as it's too hard to get in there. It's better to reconnect at the two bolts and gasket under the turbo

The instructions expressly state not to crank until the oil pressure light has gone out as that's not a reliable indicator or good oil flow through the turbo


I hope this is OK. Please correct me if necessary. It's what I have read, not what "I know". I have had to follow the turbo people's instructions to be sure I don't damage the new one. They are pricey after all.

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