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simex on the road


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well i have finally fitted a set of 34" jungle treckers to my D90 and although they are a tad noisey , there isnt much differance to the handling , dont really need to slow much more than i did on the 205s :P

took her to work today , manages 70mph (gps confirmed) on the bypass no probs , there is sum vibration 50mph through to 55mph but goes again after that (wheels are not ballanced at all)

i was prepared to drive every where @30mph on the road with all the horrer stories but i love the roar they give he he :D

would defently buy another set and havent even taken her off road yet , cant wait

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Wait until you need to brake whilst cornering hard - the tyre just rolls under the rim and starts to understeer. Back end will do similar and give oversteer. difficult to tell which it's going to decide to do until you try it!

Handling under 'controled' conditions isn't too bad, but the envelope of the handling under more extreme conditions is somewhat smaller.

Until you find out for yourself how they behave in the extremes - be careful!


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I agree with Si. In the damp they become erratic to say the least. I was in the same opinion as you, just keep going at same speed it'll be OK. Until you try it on a damp morning, turn to fast into a corner and the rear end passes the front end way to easy. Believe me it is not something you want to expierience. :o:o:o

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I'd also agree with Si. Having used both Extreme Trekkers and Jungle Trekkers I'd say the latter handle better on road, I guess due to the softer rubber they're made from. However, all Simex are interesting at the limit and truely scarey when either cold (ie below 5 degrees) and in the wet. I've had both snap oversteer and understeer turning in and out of junctions at fairly sudate speeds. You can keep up with traffic but I wouldn't advise pushing the vehicle until you're 100% sure of how it handles on the limit. Although I have driven my truck reasonably quickly on Simex its tiring on a long jouney so I just prefer to drive more sudatly.

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Simex have gave me the scare of my life in the wet. They were also far too noisey when travelling to comps over an hour away from home. I now only put them on for comps and tend to fit them to the truck when I get to site. I use BFG MT's for my every day tyre

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