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For those going to Salisbury plain....

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If you use Salisbury Plain then you're being urged to take advantage of a special hotline to report any suspicious activity.

Plainwatch was launched four months ago to give dog walkers and others members of the public a dedicated twenty four hour number.

The scheme is a partnership between MOD police and the commander of the army training estate.

The number to call is 01980 674700


Don't forget this works both ways.........you can report anything suspicious, but at the same time you could be reported by a member of the public for doing (or being) somewhere you are not supposed to be.

So in the words of Hill street blues......... "Lets be careful out there"!

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Guest diesel_jim

I've contacted the mod-plod on numerous occasions in the past when i've seen suspicious movements up there (and quite a few of those movement actually havn't been me! :lol::lol: )

helps grease the wheels considerably too. being "helpful" to the range staff/wardens/modplod has helped me while off roading and generally loitering up on the areas.

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As much as we have to stick to the byeways etc so do the walkers, there is NO RIGHT TO ROAM under the Countryside Rights Of Way Act. They have to stick to footpaths.

If you see a warden out and about they have the Call Cards to give out.So you can have a business card kept in your motor at all times.

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