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anyone use a disco 1 for overlanding/ expeditions?

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Peter and Eileen Crichton (??) have been around the world several times in their disco 1.

I've read their articles in the mag & it warmed my heart to see that their steed was a 3.5V8, instead of the obligatory TDI.

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Might I suggest you have a look at Ralph Hardwicks overland prepared D1. His website is http://www.overland-rovers.com/

Well worth a look!

Thanks for that, I had visited that site before and lost the link.

I looked at Ralph's roof shelf and I"m not sure that would work for me as I need to keep the rear seats for carting my tribe around :)

I want to have one just in the rear cargo area. Maybe I could build an aluminium frame and somehow suspend from the alpine window surrounds and it would be strong enough and not sag in the middle?

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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