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Removing a 300TDi Disco rear door card

Les Henson

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If you need to gain access to the rear door lock mechanism, central locking solenoid, or the rear wiper motor, then the door card needs to be removed, and this is how to do it.

Inside the rear door handle is a phillips crew - remove it, push the inner cup to the right a small amount, pull it out on the left side and it will come loose and slide off the handle.


2 x 10mm head bolts hold the door handle on, remove them and remove the handle.


There will be two brackets left sticking out of the door card - these are attached to the door inner skin.


Speakers next - remove the 6 x phillips screws and take the outer cover off.


With the cover off you will see 4 x more phillips screws either side of one speaker - remove them, lift the speaker outer shroud away.


There are 8 x phillips screws holding the speaker assembly in place, remove them and the speakers will come away as a single assembly - held only by the wiring.


Squeeze the tab in and the plug will come out. Put the speakers to one side - bearing in mind that they are delicate and easily damaged.


All that's now holding the card on is a series of plastic clips. They will break easily if you don't take care removing them, so a failry wide scraper/screwdriver/the proper tool is needed. Apply leverage as close as possible to each clip to reduce the chance of breaking them, and work round the door card - leaving the upper ones until last.

I use a gasket scraper to do this.


The card will then lift off. It's made of hardboard and is easily broken, so try not to use excessive force on it.

The removed card - the red pins easily break, so be careful when prying them out of the door frame.


You can now get at the inner door mechanisms.



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All 5 doors in my 98 300tdi Discovery have a (almost) clear PE sheet glued on the door, same like many other cars, in order to keep the moisture entering inside, ruining the cardboard on the rear door or the speakers.

Here's a computer generated image based on Les's last pic:


The sheet is glued in place with something very similar to chewing gum, unfortunately I don't know it's correct name (the grey contour in the picture).

This PE sheet is glued before factory installment of the pin sockets (yellow in the picture).

There's no need to removed it entirely, only a corner or a part that it's in your way.

First thing is to gently and carefully cut the sheet around each pin socket. Alternatively, the pin sockets can be removed but they can be easily damaged.

Next thing is to carefully remove the PE sheet by lifting/cutting the "chewing gum" (which is reusable).

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