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steering wandering

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my 90 has just started to show signs of wandering steering, and the steering wheel according to my son in law who had it off roading on Saturday has move about 90 degrees???? ie rotated. i have not seen the landy yet as i am away at work, i have asked him to check that the steering column has not moved on the spline shaft coupling coming off the steering box, this might account for the steering wheel to have rotated.

but what could cause the steering to wander? i have done a search and have not found an answer that suits my problem

recently i replaced all the bushes front and back except the set on the panhard rods (althought i have a set for them) just need the time to get them changed

i fitted a new rear A frame ball joint

the steering drop down arm nut is tight

the swivel on the drivers sides shows signs of a leak, can this cause the steering to feel really light to the touch?

long post but thanks for any advice..............ives

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Ask your son to look underneath and check the trackrods. If he's had it offroad and hit 1 of the wheels hard it could of bent it. That would explain the twisted steering wheel and the wandering steering.

If it's that it's nothing major and a good excuse to upgrade the bits. Hope that it's a simple fix.

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Yep, sounds to me like one of the rods has been bent.

Don't bother trying to straighten it as they are safety critical and can rot out anyway so a new part is advisable. OE type are around £20 each but the solid types are only about £85 a pair c/w TRE's so I personally would upgrade to them to avoid it happening again.

Have your tracking set when you have done it as it makes a big difference to handling & tyre wear, most places check for free and adjust for around £20. Badly set tracking can knock out a tyre in a fraction of the time it would normally last so it is money well spent.

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just had the son in law lay under the 90 with the telephone to his ear and explain to me what was broken, turns out the tie bar tube has a U bend in it, he must have hit one hell of a rock.

well at least i know what i need to buy and fix when i get home

many thanks again for the info


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