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Yes there is a sequence for the non ABS RRC.

Will look it up this evening if nobody beats me to it.

It involves bleeding two of the nipples at the same time. I do mine with an easy-bleed which puts air pressure and a bottle of fluid to the top of the master cylinder. You then just go round with your jam jar and pipe.


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It depends on the exact system fitted, some RRC master cylinders had a line block off built in to them. They had a plastic switch screwen into the dide of them which needs to be unscrewed part way to prevent it blocking amd locking off the line as you bleed it. We have 2 1987 RRC, one of them has this and the other doesn't. Don't forget to retighten the switch after bleeding.

Going by the worshop manual for a late 80's RRC, order for bleeding the front calipers is bleed the top screw (primary) and the lower screw on the same side of the caliper (secondary) at the same time and then bleed the other screw on the othe side afterwards. finally bleed the secondary screw again.

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