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Should be about 0. The first three years are free.

Not as standard,, 3 year warranty,, but not 3 year free servicing !!

I did my own first service, bar for the dealer doing the oil/filter etc, so only cost to me was the oil filter, as i had the sump changed for the modified one, and Warranty were paying for the oil to go back in

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I've had both of my Defenders, 90 & 110 2005, serviced at local Independent Mansfield 4x4 and not had any issues with warranty because of this. They follow specs of LR services and use OEM filters etc.

It's less than half the price of an LR dealer and in my opinion it's better getting it serviced there as they know what they are doing with Defenders. Spotted swivel seal leaks straight away and yet LR dealer techs argued that they were ok.



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