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New X-Nav Software

Les Henson

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Having my ear to the woodwork, peeping through keyholes, glass to the wall, accessing the PNC, hiding in bushes ouside bedroom windows, getting arrested by SiWhite (and subsequently 'falling' down the cell steps :unsure: ) - I understand that there might be an X-Eng 'X-Nav' system in the pipeline. Remember, you heard it here first :lol:


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Si gave some of us a copy to try back in October. Very simple and great for point to point stuff and navigation by waypoints etc... Where were you when all this was going on Les ? :)

If it's developed further I'm looking forward to it.....


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OK, since Les has let the cat out - so to speak - here it is.....



For the un-initiated, X-Nav is intended as a helper on challenge / Navigation / Treasure hunt events and is designed specifically for touch screen PC's (though it will work quite happily with a keyboard & mouse).

The purpose of posting it here initially is to get some feedback and wider scale testing. In return, if you are a mamber of this forum, you can have a free licence to use it thereafter. It will be pretty cheap and is intended as shareware anyway.

At the bottom of the page, there are details of how to receive your free forum licence key by PM.

Before you all go and register it, have a look at the un-licenced 'rip-off' version - I thought it was fairly ammusing! (least if you know the history of X-Eng ;) )

The app will run on just about any hardware including Win 95 machines with only 64Mb memory. The install is only 2mb - and doesn't use much disk space so it could live on a floppy disk (remember them?).

The app provides very simple 'as the crow flies' navigation between waypoints. The waypoints can be entered quickly and easily - even wearing gloves!).

The main screen:


shows a single big arrow clearly enough for the driver to see with the distance above it. The other details are smaller as the driver does not really need to bother about them, but big enough for the navigator.

The top of the screen is always the direction you are travelling so if the arrow points left - you need to drive to the left etc.

Once you have entered all your waypoints, it has a facility to export as a CSV file in a Memory-Map friendly format - so you can hop between this and MM as you desire.

It will talk to any GPS that you can map to a comm port (Bluetooth for example).

It should work outside the UK using Lat/Long coordinates (it can be used with any type of coord you like) although the screens displaying OSGB will be a bit meaningless.

The page contains a link to the instructions as well as a download.

Let me know how you get on - and in particular, about any bugs! If it crashes or does something bad, there is a file called Error.txt which I would like a copy of along with the time, date and any other details of what you were doing when it occurred.


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I think an orange version would suit me down to the ground... :ph34r:

Nice work Si. Being that I am a complete IT numpty, would it function well running from a memory card in a PDA?

Sadly, it will not run on a PDA. Although .Net is supposed to run on PDA's (at least later ones) - it defeated me!

Although it doesn't help you much - it was designed to run on the absolute minimum hardware spec. So for example a clunky old Fujitsu tablet PC which you can pick up on eBay for £50 will run it just as well as a Toughbook (so long as you can connect your GPS and it runs Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and probably Vista - although I've not tested that!


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Si has very kindly given me a copy for my system, which I have downloaded but so far not used /loaded to the 90s PC, due to the damage and repairs higher up the 2To Do" List after the Howlin Wolf 1 Event, and work getting in the way as always :lol:

I will now (repairs almost sorted) be moving to this and will report back, really looking forward to it and a hiuge thanks to Si :)


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I have it working on my Fujitsu Stylistic 3400 touch screen tablet.


A search on ebay for Fujitsu 3400 comes up with several for sale "buy it now" under £100.

I know that there is no bling compared to a Toughbook but it is a very good finger touch screeen Windows 98 computer.

I use it connected to a USB GPS unit also from ebay, I use an in car power supply from ebay too!

All hail ebay. B)

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Works on my Vista laptop, however it wasn't connected to GPS,

What is a good GPS unit to connect to a laptop or one of the fujitsu?

would a marine reciever such as this one be ok if working with a 3400 or laptop on land rather than sea?

GPS reciever unit

Marine GPS reciever

would the first one be ok for a laptop configuration in a vehicle?


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Sadly, it will not run on a PDA. Although .Net is supposed to run on PDA's (at least later ones) - it defeated me!

Hi Simon,

I've done a fair amount of development with the .net compact framework on Windows CE. If you've any specific questions, feel free to give me a shout and I'll see if I can help out.

I've visual studio 2008 and a few windows CE devices here to test on.

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Nice bit of kit, Si! I've just had a quick play on the PC but I can confirm it doesn't work with CE :( Its a shame as it would be perfect for my rugged web tablet running CE. If there's enough demand for a CE version it'd be great if you developed one...

BTW, any other CE users who use Ozi Explorer - a friend and fellow forum member (Top Secret Dave) has developed a very neat little program to generate waypoint files (as Ozi CE won't let you enter waypoints). If anyone would like a copy let me know and, if you feel so inclined, make a donation to the forum / buy a HOFS T-shirt.

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