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300 series mirrors on a 200 series Disco


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Sorry for the lack of pictures, I will try and take some this weekend if there is any interest.

I have recently fitted the external mirrors from a 300 disco to my 200 disco as mine were knackered and thought the following might be useful to anyone trying it themselves. My car already had electric, heated mirrors.

The mountings are different as is the wiring. I decided to buy the mirrors, wiring and door frames and switch from the local discovery breakers (nice having one 2 miles down the road!)

First take the door cards off, this is 2 bolts holding the internal grab handle on and the screw behind the interior door pull. Slide the door pull cover off whilst holding the handle out. Then you can lever the trim away from the door carefuly trying not to break too many of the clips!

Disconnect the speaker cable and slide the trim upwards to clear the door lock levers.

Then pull off the interior trim from the mirror, disconnect the loom connectors and undo the 3 screws holding the mirrors on, then remove the mirror.

The door frame is held at the bottom by 1 bolt either side, these are accessed from the inside, at the 'front' and 'back' of the door. At the front of the door there is a torx headed bolt that needs removing (just below where the mirror mounts) and a standard bolt at the back of the door at the same level.

The frame can then be eased out from the top of the door.

After this I did the wiring as there was more length of wire showing making it easier!

Connections for my car were as follows, I got a section of the 300 door loom so used those connectors.

On my car the wiring colours were the same on both side.

200 door loom colours -------300 mirror wiring colours-----function

purple/white ---------------------- brown ----------------- up/down +ve

purple/blue ----------------------- white ------------------ left/right +ve

purple/red ------------------------ pink ------------------- left/right -ve

purple/red ------------------------ blue ------------------- up/down -ve

white/black ----------------------- black/red ------------- heating +ve

black ------------------------------ black ------------------ heating -ve

Once this is done drop the 300 series door frame into the door feeding the wiring through the bottom and bolt it up.

Bolt up the mirror and connect the wiring loom, put 300 series interior mirror trim on.

Change the mirror switch from the 200 part no PRC6829 to the 300 part no AMR2498.

Replace the door trim and fittings, not forgetting to reconnect the speakers!

Any questions feel free to ask.

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