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Rangey vs Disco 300Tdi


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Greetings all,

I've just sold my Nissan and i'm trying to decide whether to use my Rangey full time and gas it or whether to get a Tdi Disco.

I've had 200 and 300 Discos before and they're good tools, but they always gets sold whereas i've had some form of Rangey in my possesion for years. Love 'em.

Naturally this leads me to think that if i bought a TDi Rangey Classic, i'd be happy.

This also means, as i hate other people's botches, i'd want a factory Classic Tdi.

The questions

1) Did they do a factory 300Tdi Classic or was it the 200 Tdi Classic?

2) Can the earlier Turbo D's be reliable at this age?

3) Are the Turbo D's as bad and unreliable as i've been told?

I know gassing my 3.9 (or getting another to save booting the wife out of my truck) is a good idea, but availablity of gas does concern me especially as i'd have to remove the fuel tank to fit the gas tanks and a wing mounted fuel tank to preserve ground clearance.

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully received.

Equally, if you've got a Tdi Rangey for sale... email me! :D

Cheers all


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Factory 200 TDI was hard dash manual only

Factory 300 TDI was soft dash, manual or auto in all trim levels

My brother will be selling a Silver 200 Vogue. Loads of money spent on it, includeing a recent transfer box. Has been used every day for traveling to and from work. Nice vehicle.

Also have a mate selling a 300 Vogue SE auto. Converted to coil suspension ths one is mechaincally good but cosmetically a little tired.

PM if either sound of interest. The 300 is cheap, not sure what my brother wants for his yet.

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