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Forged JATE rings

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Morning all,

I'm looking at some genuine forged JATE rings (what does that stand for btw?) for the front of the 90. They are 84mm between the jaws - the same as the width of the chassis, only trouble is I've got a steering guard fitted as well. Will I be able to force them the extra 4mm or so over the steering guard or will they snap or worse be more prone to snapping under strain when I need them?



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wider JATE rings are available, the sides are machined down slightly to make the opening wider. See Ralph's post here

Joint Air Transport Executive

"JATE" Stands for "Joint Air Transport Establishment" which is based at RAF Brize Norton and the "rings" are in fact rectangular and designed to have slings attached to them in order for the Land Rover to be lifted as an under-slung load by Helicopters or tied-down within various Transport Aircraft or on Platfroms for parachute drops. As far as I am aware all Chassied Land Rovers are capable of having them fitted quite easily unless the mounting brackets have already been used for something else like a winch or towbar struts.

Hope this helps.



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I thought it stood for "Just Accessible Through Earth" which is the position most JATE rings end up in when you get stuck - you have to dig six feet under for the darned things before you can attach anything to them :rolleyes:

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