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Lift Pump spacer?


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Upon trying to replace the lift pump on my early 300Tdi defender. I have discovered that the new LR and BM lift pumps require you to a have a spacer. Well assume you have it anyway. But this item is not available to purchase :( the term "NSS" comes up on the screen "NOT SOLD SEPERATLY" but in fact it is'nt available full stop :blink:

When trying to offer up the new pump. I have a good 7mm gap between the block and pump face, At the high point on the cam lobe. 3mm when the cam is at the lowest point.

The old pump will happily fit straight in without any problems? Checked twice just to see if i was having a blonde moment!

Any help mucho gratis

If anyone has a spacer kicking about, and could measure its thickness? Then that could be a start.

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Guest diesel_jim

The last few pumps i fitted to my 300 never had the spacer on, and they worked a treat (up until they broke that is... but it wasn't the spacers fault..)

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Have you actually bolted it on, or just offered it up?

You won't be able to push it all the way on by hand - the spring is too stiff. Your old one will probably fit straight on as it is busted!

IIRC the spacer is to fit a newer (300 era) pump onto an older (TD N/A etc) block...

All sorted, replaced Lift Pump.

The arm had been bent to a dodgy angle. When i tried it first the bugger just wasnt having it. Got to bolting it on bolt knew that something was not right. Then got led up the garden path with the spacer theory, from the parts manual :blink:

Cheers to all

Now time to see if i can get past 60Mph..............?

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