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RTI RAMP - Capel show ?


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I having been trying to see where they may be an event with a 'RTI Ramp' I could have a go on in 2006.

Then it occurred to me.... :blink:

WHOs RTI Ramps were the ones Ali and jules Read used at Beaulieu a year of so ago ???? :rolleyes:

Could we get these to the Capel Autojumble in June ish 2006 ?.... :)

How many others would lile a go on it ? :blink:

Who runs the capel autojumble to contact and discuss.... ? :blink:

Any other thoughts around this, frankly I don't go to the big shows anymore, and beaulieu seem to have given up ?...............

Point me in the right directrions and I'll badger whoever.... :lol:


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Thanks for the reply.....

Problem is I won't go to any of the big shows (LRW LRO etc) anymore......except Old Sodbury.....now, theres a thought :lol: and I sort of know him too :rolleyes:

So has to be another option....


Hi Nige

If you haven't been to Gaydon before you should go to the Heritage day. Less of a show, more like an enthusiast gathering. Well worth the entry fee alone to look around all the British cars and motorcycles in the Heritage centre.



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