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Extended cab 90s


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quite a few of us want to go this way............. a coupleof forum users were looking into getting some fibre glass extended roofs made...... but im not sure how things a progressing.

Wouldn't recommend getting a quote from a fibreglasser for a quote on a mold to a spec that would mean a gel-coat finish, you'd have a fit!

If someone on the forum is a fibreglasser and doesn't mind spending the time making a mold (we're talking at a fibreglasser's rate something akin to £3k+ in hours) for free then it may be viable.

Luckily I got a friend who is a fibreglasser who taught and showed me how to make a mold for a part I need for my racing motorcycle, only a primary chaincase and clutch cover, but still took 20 hours of work (£600 if my friend had of done it for me) to prep the original aluminium item (plugging holes, plasticine profiling of returned edges, polishing, release agent application), then the laying up of the item for the mold, removing the item from the mold and then sitting there for 5 hours just polishing and fine fettling the mold so that it can be used for a gel-coat finish instead of having to use filler and paint afterwards.

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really like the look of an extended cab 90 , hope some one can make some before next year before i plan on fitting a cage :P

the pic of the blue 90 is a nice pic , where was it taken ? the lady in the pasanger seat looks as if shes dressed to go out , rather than offroading :D

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All these are OK.....


Still leaves you with a lot of roof.

We made our vehicle with a sloped rear roof to eliminate difficultys with tree's etc.

This means we can carry all our tools and kit in the dry and leave all the nasty kit outside.

Do not know how to do the picture thing (Michele Where are you?)

But if you want a look i'm sure Tony or Michele can post a pic of it on here.

The best bit is we can roll up the back making visiability amazing.

If you are intrested further, pm me

Jim :)

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Erm,don't start me on all the pics you have to send to me!


I posted about this a while ago,dunno if it's similar to what you did (and I'd like to see too!)



Whoups,can't roll up a GRP back I fear!

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sorry dont know how to post picks, i chopped down a normal 90 hardtop made a rear section and fitted one of the county sliding windows. then fitted a bulkhead below that leaving the original as well this gives me a place for my 2 batterys and my compressor. all i did then was to extended a external truckcab roll cage and hey presto.

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I took that pic at the Gower (South Wales) Driving Day a couple of months back

and yes, she was dressed for going out

it is a nice backdrop to that pic ,

take it you said to the misses ''fancy going out for the day love ?'' and she just assumed you where taking her some where nice he he :lol:

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