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TD5 oil filter - changing one

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The TD5 engine has two oil filters - a rotary filter that sits between the inlet manifold tubes, and a normal filter cartridge that is underneath it - behind the turbo downpipe and right above the turbo oil return pipe. (stupid place to put it :angry: ) Passenger side of the engine and you can just about see the bottom of it.


If you're lucky - you'll be able to unscrew it by hand, but they are usually too tight to do this. You can get two hands on it by reaching behind the downpipe with one hand and the other can grip it from the front left. Do this when the engine is cold - the turbo and downpipe get very hot and you could burn yourself badly.

An oil filter wrench will fit on, although the chain type is quite awkward, so use the strap type if you can.


You'll only be able to turn it a small amount, but once it's moved about half a turn it'll then unscrew by hand.

Keep the filter as upright as you can to prevent spillage and withdraw it like this.


The new filter - Mahle, which is a good make. Smear some grease around the seal to prevent it from bunching as you tighten it.


Put the new filter on in exactly the reverse of how you removed it, but don't use a wrench (you could accidentally damage or puncture it). Just tighten it as much as you can by hand. Start the engine and let it idle - the oil light may stay on a bit longer than normal, but that is only because the filter is empty. Once the oil light goes out - everything is fine. Just check for any leaks, but it's very rare for there to be any.


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I fear you could fill the filter with very little oil, much less than stated: IIRC, there should be a ball valve inside the filter.

In order to minimize oil spillage, it is useful to wrap the filter in a plastic bag, before unscrewing it.

As a wrench for the original filter (which has grooves at the bottom), I find convenient this one, sold by Mann&Hummel as wrench n. LS 7/2:


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I tried to pre fill my genuine parts one and it wouldn't take the oil, so I fiddled a bit to see whether I needed to push a valve down or whatever but got nowhere iirc, so just threw it on...

Oh and there are socket wrenches for recessed filters (the like thats on my BMW bike) - I got one for something like 3eur in a decent MF. There are a few different sizes and probably with different wrench sizes, 3/8th 1/2" etc

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