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200 Tdi Head Bolts ???

Les Brock

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Starting to put the engine back together,

now we hit a problem


200Tdi- 40nNm 60+60 Degs

300Tdi 40Nm 60+60+20 degs (on the last all except the M10 bolts)

Label with the New head bolts....

40nNm 60+60 Degs (only lists the 300Tdi although the bolt lenths are the same)

Pic from Western from manual

40nNm 60+60 Degs

Now when I put it on last time whereever I got the info from said to eatra 20 Degs :unsure:


does anyone have the difinative, correct, most likely, not going to be wrong, sure as sure can be, absolutly no doubt whatsoever answer ?????? :huh:

for my 200TDi

ASAP please, I'm waiting to tighten it down.... :P

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