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What to pay for a second hand 8472 winch?

Ben Jordan

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Look at it the other way round:-

New motor £200

New allbright solenoid £60

Brake overhaul kit £70

Lower housing overhaul kit £30

New wire rope £40 (or plasma type £160-£180)

New roller fairlead £70

Etc etc. Bear in mind you can buy one brand new for £815, I wouldnt pay £300 for a poorly one!

I just paid £300 for one, complete with Bowmotor, brand new solenoid pack, brand new fairlead and wire rope, brand new remote, just had brake rebuild etc etc.

I only needed to put the lower housing kit on it cause the oil seal was knackered. I consider that a fair price.

Something that poorly and in need of a full rebuild i'd say is worth more like £100.

People seem to think that 8274's are worth far more than they really are. They've come down in prive alot lately. Ask Mr Warne about the £500 one he was looking at at sodbury which was very poorly.....


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New motor £200 agreed

New allbright solenoid £60 agreed

Brake overhaul kit £70 don't buty this! bearings and new pads plus circlip from PG winches or gwynn lewis

Lower housing overhaul kit £30 this amounts to a bearing and a piece of card

New wire rope £40 (or plasma type £160-£180)

New roller fairlead £70 loads of cheap roller ones if you go for wire available I dumped mine as no one wanted them for free

£250-300 for one that isn't junk is a reasonable price. any more it isn't worth it.

ps look at the drum support if this id damaged they're ££ new

pps there is a plastic bearing in the above piece that wears out and costs £5-10 to replace

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They aren't sealed very well and water gets inside. If neglected the water can cause bad pitting on the gear teeth and shaft journals, brake components, bearings etc.

A lot of this damage will not be evident until the winch is stripped. I would at least remove the top cover (3 allen head bolts) and look for signs of water damage inside.

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I don't think so. If it has a good motor, gears and brake, you should be good to go. I think you guys are getting screwed..... You don't "need" a new expensive motor.

The lower housing kit was $20, I think. Brake kit $30. Around here I can pick up a good working used unit for $400 anytime.

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So im probably better off saving up and getting a brand spanker then?

Maybe but AFAIK that won't come with the £200 motor or the plasma (isolators, batteries, charging system..) so it still isn't the only cost while with a s/h until you can use it form day one and have some fun replacing bits as they break. I've done the later but suspect in the long term just buying it all new would have been the cheapest option :(

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Looks like it sold for £275 ;)

Or was it another old one needing some work you have been looking at? :unsure:

That was the one. It wasn't too far away from me.

The missus saw it and said "it's all rusty, you might aswell buy a new one for the price thats going for." What a good girl, I will wait and buy a new one :D

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