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Now the 'fleet' is growing again, does anyone have one of those family fleet insurance thingummy's..??

Its 2 cars, 1 bike and 1.5 classics at the moment, and the only family fleet policies I can find want a lead vehicle worth 20k or more...

And with this many vehicles, I can't afford something worth 20k..!!!

Anyone assist..??




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Do not go near NFU.... :angry:

I renewed four policies at the same time with Adrian Flux and although they could not offer fleet insurance, they were giving me excellent "mutli-car" discounts off the individual policies that was similar to having four sets off fully no claims plus a bit....

Other big benefit was that they obviously new their Land Rover stuff and were very pleasant to deal with. :)

NFU on the other hand :blink::angry::angry:

Actually, I suspect NFU stands for No......Use

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I recently insured another vehicle with Adrian Flux and found them to be very easy to deal with and, as you say, they were willing to accept my full no claim bonus on both vehicles.

On top of that, when I said "corr thats a bit expensive", jokingly the reply was "let me talk to my suervisor and call you back". Within 5 minutes they called back and knocked off 20%, making the most modified vehicle I have ever had also the cheapest to insure. £185 tpft. :D

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