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Just heard on the news here (Brisbane)

A british back packer was run over on fraser island by a Toyota Land Cruser

The bloke was asleep when the toyota ran over him .

The bloke and his misses decided to sleep in the dunes on fraser but they were too bumpy so found a nice flat bit that ran though the dunes . They decided this was the best place to put their towels down and lay for the night. and have a night gazing at the stars.

Dosy gits did not work out that the reason it was a flat bit though the dunes was because it was a road. Of cause the toyota came bounding down the land and staight over the top of them.:blink:

The bloke is ok but is in hospital with broken ribs and arm.

For you that have not been to fraser. You are not allowed to camp outside the camping areas.

The driver has not been charged but a fine is yet to be decided on the back packer as he was camping in a non camping area

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Ah yes Fraser Island.....


any excuse to post a pic :D

We were a little bit naughty when we were there, went further north than we were supposed to go. You are allowed to go up there but the terms of the car hire exculded some areas (mainly the north end and the west beach) as the sand is soft and the muppets get stuck, this muppet manged not to, luckily :unsure:

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Yeah. This muppet got stuck... In our narrow-tyred, HEAVILY laden Toyota. In fact I have an amusing video of it. :rolleyes:

Right in that bit where you have to bypass the rocky outcrop at the north end of the main beach to get to the champagne pools. After hefting the car out (with the help of 10 other people...) we parked up, had the beer shown above and then went on foot up to the pools:


Despite all this nonsense, and a fair amount of beer, we still managed to refrain from being run-over... ;)

I see you managed to hire a real car. Nice one... B)


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Yeh a proper car, probably why I managed not to get stuck :ph34r: Was still a fair weight on 7.50's mind. I had done some research before we went to find the places that hired out LR's, they had 109's too but seeing them in action the 2.25 really did seem to struggle in the softer sand.

I know the bit you are talking about, a bit of momentum saw us through there, nearly didn't on the way back as when I was half way through the main soft patch someone coming the other way decided he wanted to be right in my path forcing me to back off.

Went a bit further north from there and the next couple of beach sections the sand was getting noticable softer, so I could see why they didn't want you talking the hire vehicles up there, the tdi in the 110 was struggling at times, had to let it cool down once or twice :unsure: Can't remember the name of the place on the beach we camped up there but it had a big dune coming right down on the to the beach. It was noticable that there was no other hire vehicles that far up so we decided to head back south and not go further :rolleyes:

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The driver has not been charged but a fine is yet to be decided on the back packer as he was camping in a non camping area

Thank God there is still one place left in the world which has a sensible outlook on life and responsibility :)

If that had been the UK, the camper would have been able to sue the A**E off the driver who would probably have also been prosecuted for various motoring offences as well.

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Annual?? Lucky bugger. I'd love to go back.

And Ali needn't start mentioning how it's just up the road from him :angry:

mm we are thinking of popping up for the new years weekend, as i have saturday till Monday off. Thought pop up for a 3 day jaunt around fraser. :D

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