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Chav Nativity


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Heard this on the radio yesterday ... Google is a wonderful thing :)

There's this bird called Mary, yeah? She's a virgin (wossat then?)

She's not married or nuffink, but she's got this boyfriend, Joe, innit?

He does joinery an' that. Mary lives with him in a crib dahn Nazaref.

One day Mary meets this bloke Gabriel. She's like `Oo ya lookin at?'

Gabriel just goes 'You got one up the duff, you have.' Mary's totally

gobsmacked. She gives it to him large 'Stop dissin' me yeah? I ain't no

Kappa-slapper. I never bin wiv no one!'

So Mary goes and sees her cousin Liz, who's six months gone herself. Liz

is largin' it. She's filled with spirits, Barcardi Breezers an' that.

She's like 'Orright, Mary, I can feel me bay-bee in me tummy and I

reckon I'm well blessed. Think of all the extra benefits an' that we are

gonna get.' Mary goes 'Yeah, s'pose you're right'

Mary an' Joe ain't got no money so they have to ponse a donkey, an' go

dahn Bethlehem on that. They get to this pub an' Mary wants to stop,

yeah? To have her bay-bee an' that.

But there ain't no room at the inn, innit? So Mary an' Joe break an'

enter into this garridge, only it's filled wiv animals. Cahs an' sheep

an' that.

Then these three geezers turn up, looking proper bling, wiv crowns on

their heads. They're like `Respect, bay-bee Jesus', an' say they're wise

men from the East End.

Joe goes: 'If you're so wise, wotchoo doin' wiv this Frankenstein an'

myrrh? Why dincha just bring gold, Adidas and Burberry?' It's all about

to kick off when Gabriel turns up again an' sez he's got another message

from this Lord geezer.

He's like 'The police is comin an' they're killin all the bay-bees. You

better nash off to Egypt.' Joe goes 'You must be monged if you think I'm

goin' dahn Egypt on a minging donkey'

Gabriel sez 'Suit yerself, pal. But it's your look out if you stay.' So

they go dahn Egypt till they've stopped killin the first-born an' it's

safe an' that.

Then Joe and Mary and Jesus go back to Nazaref, an' Jesus turns water

into Stella.


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