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Er...(Another) Ultimate "Offroader"


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'Hybrid_From_Hell' said Dec 20 2005, 10:17 AM' in post='27605'

"shame it looks like a large Black Mocaasin shoe" :lol:

I think HFH is being much too polite - that is truly horrible!

The Unimog is a classic of form and function, rather like the Defender - the re-skin looks like the front of a rather unattractive beetle. What were they thinking of? I know a lot of the recent Mercedes cars have been gastly, but surely even commercial vehicle designers have standards.

The idea of it being "blinged" just makes me want to lose my lunch. Still, at £100,000 plus, at least there won't be many on the road. :o

(I think that I have now attained the status of a Grumpy Old Man, aged 42, believing that my 1972 Morgan 4/4 and 1989 110 CSW are design classics)

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Well the Black thing is truly the ugliest worst abomination that I have ever seen, Truly defines the word Fu----g Ugly "Revolting"

The MaxiMog on the other hand is truly wonderful, Like the Daddy of all Landrover 90s

That is now at the top of my "Will have one day" list :rolleyes:


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