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Snorkel help and tech wanted


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Thought that's what I said :D

Just don't fit one of those stupid Cyclone things, If you read all the tech stuff again you will see what I have been saying for years, Straight air flow is best.

Happy everything,


If you are running a std TD5 air box just after the 90 bend in to the box there is a fixed propeller shape thing just like a cyclone but bigger, I have just fitted a Piper Cross filter and air box with 100mm inlet and 100mm out but reduced down to 76mm for airflow meter and to fit on snorkel. The original was down to 55mm at water trap.

The air filter has a big effect on air flow.

Merry Xmas


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Guys, this is just great!

We had one simple question with 43 replys, in which one is trying to outdo the other with expensive terms such as:

-volumetric efficiency

-Reynolds number

-Fluid dynamics

-drain pipes (cast iron or plastic)

-electric powercables (AC or DC)

Anyway, lets cut the carp shall we?

A good snorkel has a big diameter, few bends and is as as short as possible. Oh and it also stops water entering the engine.

Now go back to your workshops and knock one up. Show us the piccys when youre done.

Happy christmas, Daan

you forgot to mention the bees!!

what colour do you think would be best?

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Ram Air from a snorkel

I race as you know

The works shogun arrived at the Driffield round with a snorkel fitted as normal turned back to stop water ingres.

A works car with a works driver

his co-driver and myself were very keen to find out weather if when it made any difrance to the power if the snorkel faced forward (Ram Air) or back.

so later in the day we tried it and

No it makes no difrance to the performace of a vary highly tuned engine driven by a masively experianced rally driver.

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