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200tdi Disco PAS pumps


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Hi there.

In the first week of Jan my 90TD will be getting its lump ripped out and a 200tdi Disco engine dropped in. I am therefore assembling all required info/parts.

Les has provided a great bit of info on what to do etc and I have gone for the quick option of ordering the Steve Parker exhaust pipe to avoid that issue.

1 query I still have open is the engine I am getting does not have the PAS pump. Does anyone know if the PAS pump on the 200tdi Disco is common with any other engines? Useful if trying to source a 2nd hand item from scrappies etc.

Alternatively, has anyone managed to fit the TD or other items to a Disco 200tdi? Does anyone have a PAS pump lying around?

As another point, could I use the TD fuel filter or should I get a tdi fuel filter housing?

Well any info will be gratefully received. I will also let you know how it goes and keep photo's etc to also help any further souls who follow this route although I am sure most items are already covered by Les and others.

The work will be carried out with the able hands of James (JST) so can always blame him if it goes wrong. As we are using his workshop, can also blame his tools. Beware any locals incase you get calls! Will also have to see how quick it takes as so far all jobs we have undertaken have always been maximum 2 days! :)

Cheerio for now and Merry Christmas to all in advance.


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I think you should be able to use your existing PSP mounting bracket & Pump & hoses/pipes, my 110 was a TD the PS pump is the same as my current Defender 200Tdi pump, also the existing fuel filter could be used as well :D

these parts pics & additional info might help, also includes your existing fuel filter pic & tDi fuel filter for comparison

Power steering pump info just double click on each pic to read

hope this helps :D

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The TD pump won't fit in place of the TDi one. You would have to remove the alternator and the alloy mounting bracket that holds the two on the TDi engine and then retro-fit the TD arrangement. If you do this however the TD pump on the TDi engine means the pressure pipe fouls the engine mounting as it exits the pump.

Last conversion I did the TDi PAS pump was missing and I tried to fit the TD one without success. It was a lot more convenient to fit a TDi one.

If you have the TD filter housing on yours Ralph, how's it plumbed in? The TD has three pipes and the TDi has two.

Les. :)

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If you have the TD filter housing on yours Ralph, how's it plumbed in? The TD has three pipes and the TDi has two

mine has a Tdi fuel filter unit, came with the engine when new.

could the TD filter not be modded to just have 2 pipes with the spill return blanked, as the spill return on a 200Tdi comes from the injection pump, surely the pipe can be modded as per the retro-fit instructions that came with my engine,

1. disconnect fuel pipe connections ---

a-- fuel feed to injection pump

b-- spill return from No 4 injector

c-- fuel feed to lift pump

d-- lift pump to fuel filter connection

2. Connect spill return to tank --- using these parts Connector STC935, Olive STC936, Nut STC937---

a-- assemble one half of the brass connector assenbly STC935,STC936 & STC937

b-- slide connector onto spill return steel tube at injection pump, ensure fully home & tighten nut to seal,assemble 2nd nut & olive to connector,

c-- locate tank return pipe [this has 2 metal fittings, a nut at it's end & a banjo fitting approx 250mm down it's length] with a sharp knife, cut through the nylon pipe approx 270mm from the banjo fitting, Ensure the cut ends are square,

d-- slide the cut pipe through the nut & olive into connector until fully home, tighten to make a seal,

That should allow you to keep the existing filter unit.

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I fitted a 200 TDI from a defender into my 90 to replace the 2.5 N/A. I have used the old 2.5 N/A fuel filter and it works fine. I seam to remeber (it was about 2 years ago) that the TDI has more pipes, but you just need to get the correct banjno to replace a plug on the filter.

Also used the TDI pas pump. This connected up to the existing pipwork ok.


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