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90 is being del tomorrow


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Yipee :D:D:D:D:D

90 is being delivered tomorrow to work (land Rover dealership) Could be interesting having my 90 on the dealership forecourt :D

Where a chap is coming to give it a Australian Compliance certificate. Then have to get it a road worthy certificate. (like MOT). Oh and guess what we do them at work :D . Then it will legal for The road here.

Just have to wiat untill the plate for the compliance certifcate comes from Melbourne So that could be next week.

Hoping to get it all done by next weekend as i have a long weekend and we want to go the Fraser Island for the weekend.

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Good to here you will be getting a cool christmas prezy fron the Aus Gov.

yeah even cooler that they priced it as a seris 3 and charged me £600 for the import duty and nothing on all the stuff in it including the parts and QT guards

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