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WANTED - Tecnical Snorkel


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I have decided to build my own snorkel.

I need some pipe to do this.

It has to be the type minimising losses, and I suppose wire junctions equate to this, whilst talking about tuning compression / rarefaction wave pulses to improve air intake into each cylinder during valve-open times, and without loosing sight of the effects related to the fluid molcule size and the tube diameter OK ?

Additionally, the apparent skin effect along the surface of the conductor rather than the centre is imperative, that is, depending on application, is is better to have many small multi strands as opposed to one strand of equivaltnet cross section from an electrical point a view, but FFS you wouldn't would you eh ?

A slighly rough internal surface on the pipe is essential, as is the velocity profile across the duct not fogetting (as though you would) the Reynolds number increases with distance, cos if you did I will visit you with a kipper dipped in Kleent*ch

Oh, and lastly,,, I want big F off bore 'bout 1mm wall alright ?

Wot U Got ?

Nige :P

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I used 3 inch food grade pipe from the local dairy that we do some work for...well a lot of work for, its about 1mm thick...and Pigster still managed to put a ding in it :lol: any other pipe would have been flattened :blink:

trouble is....

The cosine of the radius, affects the co-efficient of ossolation at right angles to the vortex, pertaining to differentiate effective osmosis with the intake chamber giving rise to compications within the combution chamber..............meaning

It'll still stop when it gets wet.... :lol:

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Nige, I think you are missing the point

The root correlation of the wibble multiplied by the tangent of surface density squared by the coefficient of hydrodynamic resistance is the critical element in this calculation!

Another problem lies with simulating the effects of a multi-conductor copper wire in manufacturing a snorkel. An intake system made up of 600 different bits of washer tubing cable tied into a bundle, is going to look frankly a bit silly not to mention being 2 foot across and therefore causing you to crash because you can't see where you are F going most of the time :huh:

I've got some old galvanised gutter downpipe somewhere I think....

Alternatively why don't you just grind the top off the plenum and just make all the trumpets 3 foot long? :ph34r:

But it will still stop when it gets wet :ph34r::ph34r:

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Nige mines ali about 1.5mm thick, takes knocks in normal use but will obviously bend/dent if you hit a tree.

2.5mm as Tonk should be OK, don't know about bending it, my bender only goes to 2 inch steel or 60mm OD pipe.

We can get bends ready made if you need them, Aluminium rainwater supplies are reasonably priced and carry what you want, 029 2039 0576.

Also I think that drainage centre at Send keep some stock but will get it fairly quickly.

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