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The story behind the helicopter crash is that it was a French Police Special Forces Demo which went very badly wrong. The Puma (can't remember the Frence name, so calling it by the UK name) came in at too steep an approach angle and "flaired" too late, or in other words the pilot left it to late to slow the descent.

The tail rotor protection bar hit the ground and smashed (which can be viewed later on in the film just hanging on), and the tail hit the ground. One totaled tail rotor system and a rather top-heavy heli results in it trying to dig for New Zealand :blink:

Note the co-pilot has his left arm out the window as he comes into land ;)


just watched the rally vid, just reminded myself why I don't Marshal at Grass Track events anymore !

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Would have been nice to see anybody get out of the MkII Escort that hits a tree about a third of the way into the Rally vid - but I rather suspect they didn't...

Not watched that one. The chopper vid brings it home a lot more to me as ive been in the same place as the troops sat in the rear many many times.

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