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Slindon Repairs


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Well, I can now open my drivers door from the outside and a shiney new indicator repeater has been refitted to the wing (had to flatten that area). Never really been into stickers before but the wihite stuff stickers disguise the worst of the missing paint quite well though their positioning looks decidedly odd :)

The steering gaurd is well bent, probably the result of having to use more enthusiam to get through in 2wd, but it will live for another day.

Still got the diff to sort and strangely the brake lights aren't working. Seems to be the brake light switch which is at fault. Bit of a surprise, anyone else had to replace a brake light switch?

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but had to replace a passenger door mirror.....................

Even sader was the fact it survived Slindon, got home (knackered) said sod it reveresed into garge, and door mirror was still folded out.....just could not be arsed to fold in in................

said "it wuill be ok and fold in"

it didn't.....................

mirror exploded :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Oh what a silly thing to do


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Oh yeh, I forgot the NS mirror. Had to replace that too but I'd already bought a replacement after Minstead where I managed to put a couple of cracks in it at the first punch so finishing it at Slindon was no big deal.

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