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Wickham Square Today


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Saw the following at the meet:

Tidy 101:






Looks Familiar:


Shires it be, Little John?:


First LWT:


Second LWT:


With Sankey:


One for Tombie:


So want one, the Laverda Jota that is:


And best till last:


Story behind this bike, I wired the indicators and handle bar switch gear for it!!! The previous owner to that present during WW2 was an airframe battle repair specialist and used to go around airfields repairing shot-up Spitfires to get them back up in the air, he had one leg missing and had an alloy prosphetic leg.

During training of apprentices he used to do all the usual tricks of winding apprentices up such as rolling nuts off the wing so it fell on the apprentices head, however one day he accidently dropped a hammer and the apprentice turnt around and said "this'll teach you you b@$t@rd!" and forth with smacked me mate on the prosphetic foot and stoved it in. "Ooh! Ooh! me Foot!" went me mate and jumped and hobbled about, the apprentice being a bit concerned asked if he could do anything, so me mate undid his prosphetic leg, slid it out of his trouser in a shot and dropped it in the hands of the apprentice and said "could you take this to the panel beaters?". The apprentice passed-out :lol: Unfortunately died two year ago at I think 85-ish

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Nice one.

Was supposed to be going along and seeing some friends who took their steam rollers, spent the day doing family stuff and getting the Land Rover ready for Broxhead tomorrow.

All three were there :) they parked out on the road eventually as there was just no more room

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Tink maybe the 101 belongs to Jason Reynolds ?(Norton owners club) ;)

Nice Caddy!!!!!!! :D

Was meant to go out playing tomorrow too, but going to sisters in Orpington instead! :angry:

And yep that is little Johns truck!

thought you'd like it ;) what was the other one, a mercury or constillation..... anyhoo:


Shivered so hard I gave myself a bad back :blink:

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